Precision of Swiss Technology

Nestled among the spectacular beauty of the Swiss city of Lausanne, is the prestigious University Hospital. Originally established in the thirteenth century, today, the University Hospital of Lausanne is a leading international research facility in medicine, and the birthplace of modern Swiss innovation. Through years of intensive research on scarless wound healing, physicians discovered the unique ability of fetal skin to heal without scarring. Inspired by this phenomena, medical researchers at the University Hospital of Lausanne created a biotechnology process to obtain the rich proteins responsible for scarless wound healing from cultured fibroblasts.

Unparalleled Innovation
A dedicated cell bank was established for developing new skin treatments using a single donation of fetal tissue under the strict legal and ethical laws of Switzerland. Originally established for wound healing and burn treatments, the same cell bank provides a lasting supply of fibroblasts for producing PSP, a proprietary skincare ingredient exclusive to NEOCUTIS.

Bringing the Power of Medical Research to Skincare
Discovered through years of medical research conducted for wound healing and burn treatments, PSP, Processed Skin Cell Proteins, is an exclusive and proprietary skincare ingredient developed by leading Swiss researchers and available exclusively in NEOCUTIS skincare products.

The Beauty of Innovation
PSP is the newest generation of an optimal, naturally balanced blend of proteins which include Human Growth Factors, Cytokines and Interleukins for beautifully ageless skin. Laboratories worldwide have long recognized the restorative power of proteins in skin rejuvenation. Now you can experience the potent anti-aging effect of proteins with PSP!

The Neocutis Commitment to Precision
The purity and high quality of PSP is ensured through the exclusive technology and manufacturing process, conducted in accordance with Good Laboratory and Manufacturing Practices for production of biotechnological products.

PSP is an exclusive and proprietary ingredient to Neocutis. PSP has been clinically demonstrated effective in peer reviewed, published clinical studies which show the effectiveness of PSP in:

- Skin rejuvenation
- Post-procedure skincare
- Care of sensitive, stressed and irritated skin

The Science of Skincare
All Neocutis products are formulated with a blend of science and Swiss technology to enhance skinís natural beauty. Each product helps diminish the visible signs of skin.

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